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Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click marketing, otherwise known as PPC advertising, is the most popular form of online advertising today for a few important reasons: fast results, an edge over competition, and retargeting. PPC is often one of the riskiest forms of online advertising. Yet, when it is done right, it is extremely profitable.

Pay Per Click advertising is like the Knight in a game of chess. It gets to your target audience at another angle, and can put you above your competitors quickly, making it an absolutely essential component to your overall digital marketing campaign. You wouldn’t want to play chess without your Knights, and we wouldn’t want you to do marketing without your PPC advertising either.

If your website is not visible on Google for your keywords, you are missing out on leads right this minute. By serving your ads on Google you can increase your sales by at least several hundred percent, while at the same time reducing your customer acquisition cost and measuring which ad is performing the best.

You only pay once someone clicks on your website and not for every time they see your ad. Another great benefit to running pay per click campaigns is that you can then regarget your ads and show your banners to people who click through your ads and don’t buy or fill out their information on your website.

We define your budget. With PPC advertising, it’s easy to end up spending a lot on ads without a good return depending on your method of payment (cost per click, cost per mile, or cost per acquisition) and depending on proper keyword targeting methods. We take careful consideration to match a good method of payment and plan of action to get the results you’re looking for and get the best ROI we can possibly aim for as every decision in a campaign will impact your ROI.

We consider trends in keyword searches alongside your audience and objectives to find the most optimal strategy for your success. Our PPC management team will always offer recommendations based on proven expertise strategies and market knowledge. We keep you informed. We study the latest trends in advertising to stay ahead of our competition.

When you invest in pay per click advertising, you have a wide-open avenue to get incredible click through rates while you’re waiting for Google to rank your organic SEO value. It increases traffic and increases your website’s overall SEO standings and gives you another angle of exposure for those keywords that organic SEO may not be able to penetrate for the quite some time. Match that exposure with incredible content, and user experience, and the campaign could drive unforeseeable numbers of traffic and conversions for your brand.

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