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Perfomance Marketing

Feel that you have the best product, but you can’t seem to find enough people who’ll buy it from you? Well, you don’t have a sales problem, but you have an actual marketing problem. Working as an extension of your marketing team, Geinmedia creates and executes a digital marketing strategy that aligns promos, pricing and messaging with goals and KPI’s important to your business. We provide you with performance marketing management services in Paid Social, Mobile and Search marketing.

We will determine which platforms we will utilize during the campaign. Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube will charge you MORE money for clicks until you PROVE that you know what you’re doing with the traffic which you receive.

Instead of paying your agency money regardless of its returns, you agree to share a portion of your revenue with the agency. We only work with straight forward agreement and discuss terms on an individual basis. We charge a percentage of the revenue we generate for you.

This model provides your brand with maximum horsepower at the lowest budget and our shared goals create a powerful aligned partnership instead of a traditional vendor-client engagement. All parties are rewarded based on results achieved together with an invested partner on your side.

This is a long-term partnership. Our compensation is dependent on your website performing at the highest level, therefore we must have full control over the design and development. If we change a button or call-to-action, it’s for a very good reason.

– Gain free exposure for your brand
– Build a career long relationship with a trusted marketing partner
– Increased marketing based on your performance with our supplied customers
– We do the ongoing marketing research, so you don’t have to.
– We get the results to significantly boost your campaign ROI

We provide a landing page and our team manages the campaign daily without any upfront payments. The campaign needs to have a great potential and the terms need to be approved by both parties before moving forward and activating the campaign. You must have a healthy budget. We work with brands that spend at least $1,000 dollars a month in online advertising.

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