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We simply love SEO

SEO short for search engine optimization has always been our forte service. We love SEO and we love to dominate Google search results with local, organic, image and video results. It’s an amazing real estate to have. Our team of SEO online specialists and analysts are experienced marketers with a thorough understanding of the most cutting-edge strategies for search optimization.

Honest Work

Our methods for getting you the results you need are 100% safe and according to the guidelines of Google. Many companies promise fast results, using illegitimate practices to get you there. Such measures may give you quick results but will hurt your business in the long run. A truly effective search engine optimization strategy is meant for long-term success and reputation growth. With our professional search engine optimization team, you can be assured that your website traffic is being earned securely and properly. You’re guaranteed white hat safe SEO.

Efficient Results

SEO just like anything good for you takes time, but it shouldn’t take a lifetime. Our team of professionals know how to give you the most for your dollar. The growth when we do SEO is exponential. At Geinmedia, we have some of the highest standards of search engine optimization without charging our clients a fortune. All of our clients get on the 1st page of Google within 45 days and for some reason you’re not within 60 days, then we are committed to work for free until so. We never had to. Approximately 90% of websites which we analyze daily aren’t ranking well.

What we do for SEO in more detail

We do both organic and local SEO. We create distinct and high-quality user content, write articles, guest blog, improve landing pages and call to action buttons on the website. We analyze about trending content, keyword strategy, improve website and the website architecture, fix the errors in the code and reach out to other high ranked websites and earn quality back links. We also send bi-weekly reports with keyword positions, backlinks. and summary so we can make better decisions.

How are we different?

Our business model from the beginning was to learn SEO, so we are in complete control of the whole SEO process and the idea was to constantly hire better consultants and refine it. Well now we are able to do it many times over and now we outsource many boring tasks. This makes us extremely competitive and enables us to focus on the bigger picture (brainstorming with our consultants, more courses and workshops) and provide affordable month to month plans to our customers with the best ROI because of the man power we provide and the quality of our work.

Sorry, but our tools, processes, keyword and link building strategies are 10x times better than over 90% of our competitors worldwide and we are modest. Now that we mastered quick and quality results, we are simply scaling up. Everything starts with a website analysis and you will rank for hundreds of keywords working with us.

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